What's Your List Worth?

I think people forget or just don’t understand the VALUE of building a quality LIST. The point of having a list is to sell stuff. You build a list of targeted leads to:
• Sell them stuff
• Sell them more stuff
Here is a thought provoker, most people who see your stuff Will NOT buy it the first time they see it. Many of these people MAY NEVER buy your stuff even if you communicate with them. BUT almost all of the people will BUY something at some point– so why not have them buy it from you – therefore BUILD A LIST!
If treated right – small lists will make you money. What is important is the QUALITY of the LIST. Your goal is to give that list as much cool stuff as you possibly can. Find something that will help your market and will be of value to them. Offer something for FREE in exchange for their email address. You can give away anything as long as your prospects can benefit from it and get value from it.

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