Amazing App, Agile Hackathon, Aka User Stories, And Beautifully Designed Slides

Every couple of hours you’ll be introduced to a new set of requirements (aka user stories).
Whether you fulfill all of them, only some or none is completely up to you. You have two days and all the tools to make an amazing app.
By the end of the Hackathon we expect you to demo a working …

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Social Media, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, And Media Marketing World

There is a lot of information out there on content marketing. Usually they are broken into three parts: content, social media and search engine optimization. While there are other segments, these are usually the main talking points.
Figuring out how to interweave these elements with one another can…

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Google, Site, Sites, And Link Equity

Google obviously looks at a great many factors in determining site rankings, but what do they know about us as administrators of our sites, and how do they use that information? In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Cyrus talks about some of the actions that Google takes based on information it can see, off…

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How I Wrote Three Books in Three Years

By Ryan Holiday

Writing a book can be a long, hard slog.

The “miserable” parts of the experience have been documented over and over again. Or just ask any author on a book deadline — or let the thousand-yard stare speak for itself.

Not all of us can have an entire …read more    

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