7 Lies About Social Media Marketing You Probably Believe

By Neil Patel

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Social media has been around for years, so it should be easy to figure out how to leverage it, right?

In part it is true, but things get complicated by all the misinformation circulating about social media marketing. From leveraging tactics to tracking issues, you are bombarded with conflicting messages, including whether social media marketing is worth using at all.

Here are 7 lies about social media marketing you probably believe: Read More …read more    

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Invalid Webmail Request, Invalid Link, Mail Reader, And

Invalid webmail request
You have clicked on an invalid link for webmail. Please make sure that you have typed the link correctly. If are copying this link from a mail reader please ensure that you have copied all the lines in the link….

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The Right Way to Think About Google

By Sonia Simone

You may have seen last week that Google abruptly — and almost offhandedly — announced it was terminating a key element of its future strategy for ranking content.

The Authorship program, which would let Google rank content according to the authority of the person who created it, was nuked on Thursday afternoon at the end of …read more    

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Stubborn Buyers, Entire Sales Funnel, Conversion Rates, And Hard Time

We all have them in all our businesses.
Those buyers that, despite your best efforts, simply refuse to buy what you?re selling. They sit on your list or become readers of your blog but never take action and spend money.
The bad part is, these ?stubborn buyers? make up a large portion of the people…

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Social Media, Social Media Measurement, Facebook, And Social Media Activities

By Rick Mulready Published May 20, 2013
Are you looking for better ways to measure your social media activities?
Do you know if your social media efforts are worthwhile?
Social media measurement is one of the most frustrating challenges business face.
In this article I?ll show you

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