Smartest Marketers, B2B Marketing, Responses, And Boy

We asked some of the smartest marketers in the industry what comes next in the world of B2B marketing. And boy did they answer! We’ve collected some of their responses and put them together to let you ?

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Mobile Marketing Moments, CMO John Bancroft, Top-ranking Team, And Social Media Marketing

Mobile transactions rose 20% and were four times more likely to be made on iOS devices versus Android.
The mobile market expands every year, and 2014 was no exception. Here are some of the year’s biggest mobile marketing moments.
Marketers for the NHL’s top-ranking team devise a winning strategy to …

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A/B Testing, Free Trial, Results, And Conversions

A/B testing is gaining in popularity and is something a lot of businesses are considering as a way to generate more revenue.
The reason is simple.
By improving conversion rates, websites generate more orders at a lower cost per acquisition. This means better results for the same amount spent on adve…

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Housing Prices, San Francisco, SF Housing Crisis, And San Francisco Residents

For all the stories of 2014, few got the attention of the press like the tension between San Francisco residents and the rising tide of engineers and startup founders who started calling the city their home. Accused of driving up rents for apartments as well as blocking bus stops, these techies h…

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The Best of Copyblogger: 2014 Edition

By Jerod Morris

Copyblogger team at conclusion of Authority Intensive

It’s that time of year again …

The time of year when we wind down one year in anticipation of the next by taking a final look back at the best of the best content published here at Copyblogger during the last calendar year. It’s become an annual tradition.

But first, I want to highlight the best …read more      

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