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Are you having a hard time gaining visitors and attracting clients with your content marketing efforts? Don?t worry, you?re not the only one. The majority of the bloggers out there don?t know how to attract clients through content marketing.
I?m going to show you 13

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Why Copyblogger Is Killing Its Blog

By Pamela Wilson

Written words? Who needs written words?

You know the drill: another day, another piece of content to connect with your audience.

You churn out post after post, social media update after social media update — typing, typing, typing all the way, all day.

It reminds me of that classic Dunkin’ Donuts commercial, “Time to make the donuts.”

We are all like that little round Fred the Baker dragging our sorry selves to our keyboards to create yet another readable, but forgettable, post.

I say, enough of this twaddle. Let’s shut down this blog and be done with it.

Think that’s going too far?

Listen: It was just a matter of time.

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Old Technology, Old Phones, Old Tablet, And Old Cell phones

Is your old technology residing in that drawer, like the one we all have, in your home? It?s probably filled with smartphones from years past, and maybe an old tablet that couldn’t upgrade to the latest iOS or Android release. How about all the different headsets you’ve tried, looking for the best n…

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