The Art of Finding Ideas

By Robert Bruce

for better or worse, a writer is working all the time

Every writer who has ever lived has lusted after ideas.

Where are they, how do I get them, and how do I keep them coming?

If you’ve been writing long enough, you know that — like Solomon — there is nothing new under the sun.

Try as you might to sweat them out of your head or pull them gently from the stars above, there are no new ideas.

So, relax.

But the page is not going to write itself, is it? Where then do we turn for ideas that work, ideas that move, ideas that persuade?

In short, we “steal” them.

The moment you …read more      

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4 Indirect Ways to Improve Your Search Rankings

By Neil Patel


I know you want it…

More organic search traffic.

Who doesn’t want free, high quality traffic, that comes in month after month?

That’s why SEO is such a big deal and one of the main topics I focus on—here, on Quick Sprout.

I believe that most marketers should be dedicating a significant portion of their time and resources towards SEO.

There are many things you can do that have a direct impact on your search traffic.

However, there is more to marketing than just SEO, and you probably know that.

The thing is, they don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Just because some of your marketing …read more      

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How to Embrace Your Quirkiness and Build a Profitable Business

By Pamela Wilson

why your unique weirdness is good for business

We are … how shall I say this? Unusual around here.

  • Our Founder and CEO is a reformed lawyer-turned-marketer-turned-serial-entrepreneur-turned-who-knows-what’s-next.
  • Our COO runs our galaxy when he isn’t keeping our company running.
  • Our CCO rocks hot pink hair and an unmistakable style.
  • Our CFO has remade himself as a LinkedIn shock jock.
  • Our CPO promotes a minimalist life with maximum heart.

I could go on.

Company meetings feature an eye-popping variety of hair colors, styles of dress, and tattoos of all shapes and sizes. Our hobbies range from geeky (please don’t get us started on Marvel …read more      

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An Effective (but Embarrassing) Way to Develop Elite Copywriting Skills with Mini Habits

By Stephen Guise

why doing a small thing leads to big results

After reading smart advice, how many of us immediately turn around and apply it?

Not many, unfortunately.

If smart advice only produces results once we begin applying it, why doesn’t it automatically become a part of our lives after we read it?

This post will help you bridge the vast gap between learning something and applying it.

To bridge the gap between theory and reality, we need an application strategy that empowers us to practice.

Until we apply what we’ve learned, the benefits of any action remain theory instead of reality.

My secret for applying what I’ve learned … fast

For the first 10 …read more      

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The Blueprint: The Exact Links Your Blog Needs to Have to Rank Like Quick Sprout

By Neil Patel


Serious question:

Would you be happy if your blog ranked in search engines as well as Quick Sprout does?

I am sure 99% of bloggers would be ecstatic.

But you’d have to travel down a long road if you want to achieve that.

However, I can show you what you need to do if you’re willing to put in the work.

Obviously, I aim to produce top notch content, but the biggest ranking factor, as you might know, is the number and quality of backlinks a blog has.

And Quick Sprout has a ton of links:

By taking a closer look at the links, you can …read more      

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