20 Fascinating Topics That Every New Blog Should Tackle

By Neil Patel


When you know your stuff, writing a blog is easy, right?

Uh. Not necessarily.

I’d say that I’m pretty familiar with digital marketing. But when it comes to blogging, I still face challenges.

The challenge isn’t my lack of knowledge; it’s translating that knowledge into readable content—content helpful to you and other marketers.

Maybe you’ve faced the same challenge.

For some reason, conveying stuff you know inside and out is a lot trickier than it appears. Writing is difficult enough, but continually coming up with topics that would boost your online marketing efforts seems downright impossible.

In the old days, maintaining a business blog was more …read more      

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Ask Yourself These 3 Simple Questions to Craft Better Headlines

By Stefanie Flaxman

answer these questions to write better headlines

Last week, when I wrote about how to become a writer, I forgot to mention something about why you’d want to be a writer.

Writers are communicators. If you’re proud of your ideas, you want to be able to communicate them clearly and precisely.

Headlines are your first opportunity to present your message to the audience you want to reach. The language you use should appeal to those people and make them want to find out more.

To review the next headline you write from the perspective of an editor who is focused on audience engagement, here …read more      

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Is the Novel Dead? Part One

By Kelton Reid


In this special edition of the show, two writers joined me to opine the death of one of the most influential forms in the history of the written word. I posed the question that many great writers have pondered stretching across the last two centuries …

Is the novel dead? And maybe a more up-to-date version of that question is, did the internet kill books?

Of course these are famous — almost cliché — theoretical discussions that writers often chew on over stiff drinks, and they raise hackles for those of us who adore them.

What you won’t find here is a highbrow …read more      

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7 Powerful Content Strategies Borrowed from Advertising Masters

By Sonia Simone


The Copyblogger blog was founded on a simple but powerful idea — that our content (blogs, podcasts, videos) can be strengthened by adapting techniques from the world of direct response copywriting.

Today, Sonia drills into some specific techniques and approaches that we can profitably swipe from our direct response brothers and sisters.

In this 24-minute episode, Sonia Simone talks about:

  • The crucial difference between subscribers and an audience
  • How to develop a “big idea” that tells the world who you are
  • The boring-sounding secret of the really great copywriters (this is especially powerful today)
  • The fascinating world of recommendation algorithms
  • Working toward business goals without sounding …read more      
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2 Essential Elements of Irresistible Content

By Brian Clark

improve your writing with these two crucial components

I once asked on social media:

What’s your biggest challenge when creating compelling content?

I didn’t treat it as a poll with various challenges. I wanted pure, unfiltered responses.

And the number one answer was:

Keeping it original and interesting.

So, let’s talk about that today.

Meaning + fascination

The two elements that lead to reader engagement, social media sharing, and the “gotta have it now” impulse are meaning and fascination. But you knew that from the subhead.

Let’s unpack each a bit.

Meaning: This is the informational aspect of your content that your regular readers, listeners, or viewers expect from you. This is also …read more      

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