How to Fact-Check Your Latest Blog Post in 20 Minutes or Less

By Neil Patel


Nobody’s correct all the time. Your blog posts, on the other hand, should be correct all the time.

Why? Because if your blog gets the facts wrong, your readers won’t take you seriously. Instead of being an authoritative resource, your blog will become a joke.

It’s harsh but true. Assuming you’re not a satire site like the Onion, you need to get your information right.

Truth be told, blogs should have similar standards for their posts as colleges have for students’ papers. Colleges require students to cite their sources in detail, and the sources have to be credible.

While I don’t think …read more      

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The Difference Between Cheap and Good

By Sonia Simone

The Difference Between Cheap and Good

You’ve probably noticed how much cheap marketing and writing advice is out there. So many hypey “hacks” … so few results.

We’re much more into the long game. It takes time and energy to produce good content, which is why we like solid, proven strategies that are actually worth your time.

This week, we have some deep dives for you.

On Monday, Beth Hayden shared some thoughts on promoting your content to improve your SEO. (Like all good SEO recommendations, content promotion isn’t just for search engines — its most important function is to find more humans who would love to …read more      

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How to Crack Google Search Optimization for Your Unique Niche

By Neil Patel


Search engine optimization sounds great on paper, but when put into practice, it’s a bit tougher. Marketing in your specific niche can be slow and painful, especially if you’re just starting from scratch with a new website.

Although it may feel like every keyword already has hundreds of thousands of competitive results, you can still push through the crowd and rise to the top if you understand how to apply SEO fundamentals to your unique niche.

Search is all about supply and demand, and as long as you meet a user’s needs (especially in local marketing), you’ll gain the search …read more      

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The Best of Copyblogger: 2016 Edition

By Sonia Simone

catch up on our top picks for 2016

The year of the rollercoaster is nearly finished, and, as we usually do around this time, I wanted to pull together some of my favorite posts for you.

This collection of posts (and a single podcast) is a celebration of the writers who worked hard every week to teach, inspire, and entertain us — and it’s also a bit of a manifesto for what we want 2017 to be.

Our vision for 2017 is:

  • The year of the individual voice
  • The year of community
  • The year of the real, human writer

Here are some of my favorite Copyblogger posts from 2016, starting with just one podcast …read more      

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20 Types of Evergreen Content that Produce Lasting Results for Your Business

By Aaron Orendorff

man sitting and overlooking green mountain top

I’m sure you’ve heard this stat: more than two million blog posts go live every single day.

And that’s just talking about blogs. You don’t even want to start contemplating total online content including emails, landing pages, product pages, podcasts, and social media.

Standing out in the deluge is harder than ever. Even for established publishers it’s tough. For beginners … it’s a nightmare.

So, what’s the solution?

While there is no magic bullet for content marketers, there is one type of content that can cut through the noise and deliver long-term results.

It’s called evergreen content.

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content — …read more      

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