What Is a Content Library? Plus Answers to 9 More Questions about This Innovative Lead Gen Approach

By Demian Farnworth

how to create a content library

In May 2013, a small company with fewer than 40 unusual employees made a historic lead generation move that resulted in stunning lead generation results. (I stress “unusual” in a good way.)

The company with those odd employees, of course, was Copyblogger Media (now known as Rainmaker Digital). The story of what happened follows.

The historic move:

Up until that point, Copyblogger had been offering an email newsletter to attract and capture email subscribers. Pretty standard in the online business world.

We wanted to up the ante.

So we launched My.Copyblogger.com — a free membership site, where people sign …read more      

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8 Psychological Principles That’ll Double Your Sales

By Neil Patel


Behind all great marketing, there is one thing…


When you understand your customer, you can understand how to create a great product for them and the best way to present it to them.

If your sales aren’t as high as you’d like them to be, it means you need to spend some time learning about how your customer thinks.

That’s where psychology comes in.

While psychology and marketing are two very different fields, that doesn’t mean that learning psychology can’t help you.

In fact, I think it’s one of the most important things a marketer can study.

In this post, I’m going to show you eight …read more      

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Jump-start Your 2016 with the Best of Copyblogger 2015

By Pamela Wilson

ringing in 2016 - happy new year!

Did you see that year that just flew by?

It seems like it was only a few weeks ago that Sonia Simone welcomed 2015 with My Challenge to You for 2015: Only Connect.

In that post, Sonia talks about how business success is about getting the “Big Thing” right.

What’s your Big Thing?

You’ll recognize it as the overarching reason behind your business. It’s your motive for wanting to connect with people online. It’s what gets you out of bed every morning.

When you’re clear about your Big Thing, the details tend to fall into place.

Get clear on your Big Thing, then dive …read more      

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