The Best E-Commerce Software

By Quicksprout Editorial

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So, you’re ready to build an online store and sell, ship, and manage your business. We’re here to help. We took a look at six of the biggest names in e-commerce software to find out which store is easiest to set up, customizable to your liking, and economical. There’s no stress needed here: all of our options offer at least 14-day free trial periods for you to set up your store and see if you like it and it has all …read more      

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How to Repurpose Your Content Across Multiple Marketing Platforms

By Neil Patel


Quality content takes time and effort to produce. I am sure you know this if you regularly publish content on all your distribution channels.

But many brands lose quality in pursuit of higher quantities of content.

While I agree that quantity is important as well, your quality can’t suffer as a result of this strategy. You need to learn how to avoid stale content.

I work with many businesses that run into this problem. They want to publish at least one piece of content a day on all their distribution channels.

Among their websites, blogs, and social media pages, it’s a …read more      

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The Great Facebook Video Swindle

By Brian Clark

Back in the day, only digital publishers and marketers knew to never trust Facebook. You know, like that one time…

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3 Questions You Must Ask to Build a Strong Content Strategy

By Lacy Boggs

There’s a big difference between tactics and strategy when it comes to content marketing. As a content strategist, I often…

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How to Use the 2018 Holiday Season to Drive Sales

By Neil Patel


With the holiday season quickly approaching, your business needs to take steps to prepare for a potential surge in sales.

But you can’t assume people will buy from your brand during the holidays if you sit back and do nothing. The brands able to recognize the latest marketing trends will have success in the coming months.

Consumers are willing and able to spend money during the holidays. It’s a fact.

How you prepare and position yourself will determine how much of the market share your company will control.

Even though the ecommerce industry is a competitive space, there is plenty of …read more      

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