Oncor Solutions Inc. is a digital marketing and training company that was founded to address the hurdles that obstruct a company’s growth objectives. With many years of business experience, we’ve seen our share of success stories. More often however, we encounter stories of mistakes and problems which inhibit professionals from setting and reaching attainable goals.

The common denominator amongst these stories is a lack of resources to turn to for help to address their issues.

Our focus is to help clients understand and fine tune their business activities to be better, smarter and faster. By providing solutions and services that create measurable improvements in business productivity and efficiency, we can help those businesses realize previously undiscovered return on investment.

Why Digital Marketing and Training?

We are a marketing, training and sales conversion organization that gets results.
Ok that is the politically correct answer.

How about the 30 second elevator pitch!?


Now that gets attention in the elevator!

Here is what we know – Sales and Marketing are the drivers of business.  Period!

Where do we come into play?

We start with an indepth due diligence on everything from how or if you are being found online, to whether your marketing copy even causes someone to give a damn. We are not a consulting service without a purpose. We don’t take your money until we have figured out how we all win. We extend this effort with you first, to see if we fit, and only then do we financially engage.

We care about our clients – we care about our work and it has to make sense before we work together.

We do draw a line in the sand on some serious points:

  • Online and Offline marketing are a must!
  • Building Lists and Relationships with those lists are a must!
  • Tracking your marketing spend to predict ROI is a must!
  • Engaging with customers before, during and after they interact with you is a must!

And while we train you, we also spend our money and time being trained by others. We all should be learning – always. We practice what we preach and we get certified ourselves.