What we do

We provide an infusion of intellectual and financial capital to help companies meet their specific corporate objectives.

We leverage hands-on experience, market access, and capital to accelerate the growth of a company and structure it for maximum exit value. Most companies are sold at some point. We ensure they are primed when that day arrives.

Who we are

We are small, focused, and passionate. We love working with motivated owners who know their stuff but also see the potential they cannot reach on their own. 

We have experience owning, operating, selling, and acquiring small companies. We focus on those that know there is a strategic play that will change their future.

Why we do it

Because it’s fun, exciting and we love challenges. There is nothing so exciting as working with entrepreneurs and vested owner-operators. 

Why we are Different

We focus on the integration of traditional and digital strategies to maximize sales, encourage innovation, and drive customer retention – it’s about integrating the old, the new, and the next. We are data-driven. Most SMEs do not realize the data that is accessible PRIOR to making strategic decisions. We do.