Why Are We Connecting?

You are looking for funds

Are you looking for investment dollars into your existing business? The answer is usually – YES.

What do you need these funds for? Usually  – to scale. That means you need to show those potential investors exactly how those funds will ensure you do actually that. That means there will be lots and lots of questions!

Before you present your company to potential investors, let’s make sure you have the answers.

That’s what we do. We make sure you have the right answers to the right questions. Nothing derails an investment discussion more than being unprepared. Once we have our ducks and deck lined up, then we discuss the best way to fund.

Yes, we fund directly…but only once we know everything there is to know and we like what we see.

In the last 20 years, we have found that most companies focus on tactics 

You are looking to sell

If so, do you know what you need to look like to attract the right buyer at the right time at the right price? Buyers are a funny lot, it seems they want what they want, not necessarily what you have. Maybe we should make sure these are actually the same.

We help find buyers. It could be us TODAY or it could be somebody else TOMORROW. Regardless of timing, we can show you how to build value in your company to maximize your sales price. Remember, the value of your company is not what you think it is. It is the value seen by the acquisitor. This means we need to know who we are targeting BEFORE we shape our company. 

You want some specific advice

Are you looking for advice with respect to:

  • Strategy
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Competitive Positioning

We provide these Services as a la carte options. We have been operating a Digital Marketing Agency for the last 15 years. Our experience will save you time and money.

Where to Start – It’s simple. We are looking to qualify you first. Do you have the time and focus to work with us? If you pass these first hurdles, then we may work together.

By Mail:

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By Phone:

416-471-1413 (Jason) or 647-208-2275 (Carl)


Send us an email at oncorsolutions@oncorsolutions.com