The old adage – Ready, Aim, Fire is a universal logical process everyone can understand and works in both business and personal relationships.

“Logical” maybe the overlooked word here.

Why is it that almost 100% of the business audits we have done in the last 10+ years reveal that a logical process seems to be missing from many aspects of a companies operations.

Far too many times people implement a tactic with a vague or inconsistent understanding of relevant business processes.  So we always ask – if you don’t know how the current system works (or is supposed to work), how can you possibly be in a position to improve it?  Following that methodology will ALWAYS cost a business time and money.

A deep dive audit is an objective examination and evaluation of your business.

That is why it is so important to get the Strategy right FIRST, before you move to planning and execution.

It’s about FIXING the right stuff, by identifying the broken stuff. This can only be done by deep diving into your core business “everything”, which also means asking the very hard questions and thereby identifying the REAL causes of whatever ails you.

Maybe you have…

  • A Traffic Problem – not enough people know about you
  • A Tracking Problem – you don’t know who is doing what, why and when
  • A Customer Problem – you just don’t like the clients you have
  • A Sales Problem – you need more sales… of what, to whom, via what medium, trackable how?
  • A Congruence Problem – who you think you are is not who your prospects think you are
  • A Predictability Problem – 1 + 1 does not always equal 2
  • A Technology Problem – they don’t work and play nice together
  • A Cost Problem – you don’t know the cost to acquire or retain a client or employee
  • A Revenue Problem – you don’t know the LifeTime Value of your customers
  • A Value Problem – what you need to earn is more than the client perceived value of what you sell/provide
  • A People Problem – not getting the right hires for the right opportunities
  • A Cycling Problem – your sales cycle does not match the prospect buying cycle
  • A Listening Problem – your prospects and clients are speaking, you are just not listening
  • A Process Problem – confusion between roles and departments abounds
  • A Moral Problem – caused by lack of clear goals, tools to achieve these goals and exclusion from key aspects of the business

These are what we uncover, and it’s what must be done well before any discussion takes place with respect to implementation and execution. Get the hard stuff right and the rest looks much easier.

Our focus is to help clients understand and fine tune their business activities to be better, smarter and faster. By providing solutions and services that create measurable improvements in business productivity and efficiency, we can help those businesses FIX real problems.