Carl Clift

Chief executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Strategic Planning
20 Years

Personal Experience

I have had the great fortune to work with the world’s best technology gurus, entrepreneurs, and salespeople over the last 30 years. I spent 8+ years with a Palo Alto startup and learned life and career-defining lessons from leaders such as Vivek Ranadive (present owner of the Sacramento Kings).

I took those experiences and ventured out on my own, founding a GPS company for golf and then a Digital Marketing Agency that has morphed into an Investment and Advisory company. Jason and I have built a proprietary analysis model for small and medium-sized companies and we use it to evaluate opportunities. Once we “green-light” such opportunities, we then provide funding, strategic consulting, management services, and execution services.

Professional Skills

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Early Years

I started on a trading desk in the 1980’s on Bay Street, then went to do my MBA with a focus on derivative financing. Joined a financial data provider in the early 90’s and subsequently traveled the world building trading floors.

Joined a Palo Alto start-up in the mid 1990’s, went public in 1999, what a ride! The company was acquired in 2002 (25 of us, to 800, to 18,000), that was enough. Started GolfLogix Systems in 2002, certainly a different business, GPS and golf, hmmm… Sold that business and moved on to assisting our existing network of golf operators. Transitioning to a Digital Agency just seemed the right thing to do!

Career Guidelines

At each stage of my career, I have learned so much from those much smarter than myself. And I love it even today. I have learned to take my knowledge, experience, and well-honed processes to peek under the covers of small and medium-size companies to expose what is really the problem and the opportunities. I am now fortunate enough again to have a partner and network that allow us to act on these findings. We can provide anything and everything that is needed to meet the future goals of the companies with which we partner.