Jason Fairfield

Planning and Execution
15 Years

Personal Experience

Since starting Oncor Solutions in 2009, Jason has helped turn the company from just a marketing agency that was specifically focused on the golf industry into an investment, advisory, and consultancy company that works with any business that is trying to achieve their business objectives. In Jason’s time as President of the company, the company has experienced explosive growth in size and revenue. In order for that to happen means that the companies Oncor works with have all grown in revenue and size. 

Jason is a ravenous consumer of knowledge, content, and individuals who are skilled at experts at anything around business success.  

Professional Skills

Market Research
10 %
Strategic Planning
25 %
25 %
25 %
Client Success
10 %
Optimization and Reporting
5 %

Early Years

It was in 1997, at the age of 27, that I found myself no longer passionate about my career path.  After the advice of two successful individuals, we discussed my skillset, my drive, and what I was most desperately seeking.

The conclusion of those conversations was simple – I wanted control of my time and my money. I wanted to be in business for myself. The how, the what? Rather than pursuing another degree – I would be best served to learn from experts who were active and thriving in their respective fields.

Thus began a relentless pursuit of learning (after my day job) – attending seminars, workshops, reading and listening to guru’s and CEO’s and anyone who was willing to share their knowledge. Personally, I now have certified mastery in a wide variety of business acumen which run from content and email marketing to customer acquisition, data analytics, and business optimization.


Career Guidelines

Prior to joining Integrio, he spent 20+ years at Inmosys, where he held a wide range of global leadership roles, from services to products, and across operations and sales. Most recently, he was SVP & Global Head of the Manufacturing business, as well as a board member of their software subsidiary. He is also an avid cook and history buff. You can find him dining late at night with the chefs of the hotels where he stays during his travels, or reading in his home library.

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