Private Sector, Different Private Sector, Private Sector Companies, And Trust

Editor?s Note: Deepak Jeevankumar is an enterprise IT investor at General Catalyst Partners where he has a wide range of investments in cybersecurity, big data and storage startups.

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Don’t Get Caught with Your Pants Down: 3 Steps to Increase Your Search Traffic with Google’s Next Update

By Neil Patel

pants off

On April 21st, 2015, Google will roll out an update that will make mobile friendliness a bigger part of its algorithm. If you don’t think this is a big deal, think again.

Why? Because Google is saying the mobile update will have a bigger impact than its Panda update.

Should you be worried? Yes!

Here’s why, and here are some ways to take full advantage of this update.

Step #1: Make your website responsive

It’s generally not the best idea to create a separate website just for mobile visitors. The main reason you will want to avoid this approach is because updates to …read more      

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True Confessions About Copyblogger’s Authority Conference (Last Chance to Save)

By Jerod Morris

Authority Rainmaker 2015: the biggest benefit is being surrounded by folks who 'get it'

The Early Bird Price for Authority Rainmaker ends tomorrow, so I had a message planned for today making one final case for why you should join us in Denver, Colorado this May.

But then I read what Raubi wrote on Friday about how much last year’s event accelerated her career.

The quick version: She came to Denver questioning why she was even in the room; she left prepared to take a leap of faith and bet on herself. So she did. Now she runs her own company.

She got clarity, so she got moving.

(By the way, we didn’t ask Raubi to …read more      

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Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Capita Power Industry, And Kleiner Perkins Sex

There was an incredible media glare this week on the Kleiner Perkins sex discrimination trial and its negative outcome for Ellen Pao, but all the news about equality in tech was not nearly as negative. One of the most significant victories for women in tech came this week from Google, where Ruth Por…

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Social Media, Content, Social Media Analytics, And Content Marketing Institute

Does too much content equal lower conversions? That?s certainly what Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) seems to think.
He says that content marketers are publishing too much and that?s why many content marketing initiatives fail to achieve the goals set.
Image: Pixabay
The article…

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