Henry Rollins on the Art and Business of DIY Media

By Brian Clark

I vividly remember the first time I heard Black Flag. It was in a kid named Mike Goodman’s bedroom, and the record was called Damaged.

That’s how it was pre-Internet in suburban Houston. If it wasn’t on the radio or MTV, it was invisible — unless some cool kid turned you on to something new (who probably got it from the older sibling of some other cool kid).

And by “cool,” I mean a misfit who couldn’t abide in a Top 40 world.

My first impression was, “Wow, this guy is pissed off!” And sarcastic, sometimes funny, sometimes sad. I loved …read more      

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10 Fun Exercises That Will Help You Become a Better Entrepreneur

By Neil Patel


When I first started out as an entrepreneur, I lacked many skills. I wasn’t able to think on my feet; I wasn’t good at sales; and I was a terrible networker. And the list goes on…

What do you think I did? Quit?

Of course not! Instead, I developed the necessary skills. How? I created 10 unique exercises that helped me build those skills.

Here are 10 exercises that will help you succeed as an entrepreneur:

Exercise #1: Use random words within sales calls

When it comes to sales, you have to learn how to think on your feet. You can’t predict what people are …read more      

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Why Interactive Content May Be the Most Exciting Marketing Tactic of 2015

By Scott Brinker

Authority Rainmaker speaker, Scott Brinker

I’m looking forward to speaking at the Authority Rainmaker conference this May in Denver, Colorado.

As a longtime Copyblogger fan, it’s a great privilege, and I can’t wait to meet many of you. The title of my talk will be: How to Design Interactive Content — Moving Beyond Button Clicks and Form Fills.

Which begs the question, what exactly is interactive content?

Most content that we’re familiar with — blog posts, ebooks, reports, webinars, infographics, podcasts, etc. — is designed to be passively consumed by our audiences.

They read, watch, or listen to it. They may comment on it or share it, …read more      

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Dan Pink on How to Succeed in the New Era of Selling

By Jerod Morris

Authority Rainmaker 2015 speaker, Dan Pink

Selling isn’t what it used to be.

And for most of us, that’s a good thing.

Gone are the days of alpha males who are “always closing.” Today, in the new era of selling that has dawned, many of us are spending much more of our time selling than we even realize.

This is the subject of Authority Rainmaker keynote speaker Dan Pink’s latest book, To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others, and he gives us an inside look — describing the tools and traits that are required (many of …read more      

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Social Media, Social Media Campaign, Social Media Platforms, And Different Social Media

Almost all business owners and marketers include social media marketing techniques in their mix. As an entrepreneur, you have a responsibility to connect with your potential and current customers and present your products or services or useful content in the most effective manner. The following tool…

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