How to (Rapidly) Build an Audience with Content Syndication

By Rainmaker.FM


Content syndication is sort of like guest posting on steroids. You get all the benefits of guest posting without the work because you use one article to show up on different websites.

But which websites you publish on matters. Which is why host Demian Farnworth asked Belle Beth Cooper to come on today’s special interview edition of Rough Draft.

Belle’s articles have been syndicated on Business Insider, Fast Company, and Lifehacker. On average, her articles were generating tens of thousands of views, several thousand social shares, and driving a ridiculous amount of traffic back to her website. …read more      

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A Philosophy of Art for the Digital Age

By Rainmaker.FM


Today, being a “starving artist” is so passé …

You already know the Internet has the potential to put your creations in front of a much wider audience than you’d have at an art show at your local coffee shop.

But, this week, Editor-in-Chief host Stefanie Flaxman and photographer Bryan Formhals talk about the lesser-known benefits of living the life of an artist online that are essential to having a fulfilling creative career.

In this 36-minute episode of Editor-in-Chief, host Stefanie Flaxman and Bryan Formhals discuss:

  • Why you must be intentional about the content you publish online
  • The difference between a curator and an …read more      
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Showrunner Short: What We Learned From a Misguided Decision This Week

By Rainmaker.FM


The Memorial Day holiday on Monday of last week (here in the U.S.) pushed all shows on Rainmaker.FM back one day.

Upon reflection, Jerod Morris was not a fan of this strategy. Jerod understood why we made the decision, but in our effort to not disrupt our production team and hosts, we disrupted our audience across the network.

And that’s not delivering a remarkable audience experience.

Our Rainmaker.FM team has already had internal discussions about this, and we’ve come up with a new plan for future holidays. It will ease disruptions for the audience and simply …read more      

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8 Ways to Get More Social Shares Without Annoying Readers

By Neil Patel

like this

Every time you write a new post, you share it on the social web, right? Well, how’s that working for you?

It’s unfortunate, but most Twitter and Facebook feeds look like a graveyard – no likes, comments, or shares. That’s because no one shows you how to use social media properly.

Today, I want to share with you the strategies that I have used to maximize the number of social shares I get from each post. Social media traffic can play a big role in growing a site as you might have seen in my 100k challenge.

Why is this important? There …read more      

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What Makes the Difference Between Success and Failure Online?

By Sonia Simone

exploding the myths of online business

Running an online business seems simple. All of those guru-type people make it sound that way. But what happens when it isn’t?

On paper (or in pixels), it all looks pretty straightforward.

Start an online-based business around helping people reach a certain goal. Maybe it’s a fitness goal, or a parenting goal, or learning a new professional skill.

Online education is exploding, so we know that more and more people are looking online to learn a task or skill they care about.

Some people seem to start a small site, gather an interested audience, and then before …read more      

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