Launching a New Product? These 5 Tips Will Get You the Testimonials You Need

By Demian Farnworth

girl with butterfly net - how to capture those elusive testimonials

Take a moment to try this thought experiment … At what point in your life did you look at your birth certificate to confirm that you were indeed born on the day that your parents said you were born?

For most people, the answer is never. You simply took your parents’ word. Because you trusted them.

Your parents hopefully did a lot of things to help build that trust — like feed and clothe you, teach you lessons, play with you, and protect you. People who don’t have that experience, however, feel something entirely different: they question everything. They don’t inherently trust.

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How to Get Your First 1000 Followers on Pinterest

By Neil Patel

How to Get Your First 1000 Followers on Pinterest

Although there isn’t much talk about Pinterest these days, it doesn’t mean you should ignore it. It’s actually one of the highest converting social sites on the web… especially for e-commerce related products.

But how do you get started on Pinterest? Well, to get you off and running, I’ve decided to create an infographic that breaks down how to get your first 1,000 followers on Pinterest.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

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The One Irrefutable, Universal Law of Podcasting Success

By Jerod Morris

a train - the surprising power of showing up day after day

There is no secret to podcasting success. There is just this:

Show up.

Show up reliably.

Show up reliably over time.

Showing up isn’t half the battle. It’s not 90 percent of the battle. It is the battle.

It’s the battle for audience attention — that grueling war of attrition in which attitude always triumphs over aptitude.

And your attitude is revealed by when you show up, how you show up, and how long you show up over time.

It’s simple to say. It’s hard to do.

Which is why the rewards are so great for those who stick it out.

Like these guys …

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Giovanni Gallucci on Images as Content and Understanding Usage Rights

By Rainmaker.FM


Giovanni Gallucci is one of the most generous people Technology Translated host Scott Ellis knows when it comes to sharing his knowledge, and he’s been teaching about image usage and optimization since 2008.

Giovanni is a successful social media consultant and practitioner, videographer, and photographer. He also has a knack for pushing the boundaries of SEO.

He stays on the “light side” of SEO, but by pushing the edges, he is able to find opportunities and gain advantages that most people don’t know about.

Let’s dig in …

In this 45-minute episode of Technology Translated, host Scott Ellis and Giovanni Gallucci discuss:

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Social Media and the ‘ARC Reactor’ Approach to Digital Commerce Strategy

By Rainmaker.FM


Where does social media fit into your digital commerce strategy?

How can you use social effectively to generate more attention for your business, without becoming a social media spammer?

In this episode of The Mainframe, hosts Chris Garrett and Tony Clark reveal:

  • Key ways businesses go off track with their social strategy
  • How to gain prospect insights and content ideas at the click of a button
  • When and how to share links and calls to action
  • Where automation fits well, and why it can be dangerous

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