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Karl Morris Coming Back To Canada

Just wanted to pass along some great information.  Here is the link

We had a chance to see Karl speak last year.  WOW!  Great speaker.  Awesome information about the mental game of golf.  We highly recommend attending.

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Good Karma Does Work

You know when it seems that everything is just not going your way.  That is the nice way to say it.  The even better way to say it would be…you know when it seems that EVERYONE seems to be screwing you.  Well Karma does work, and it worked out for not only a great business professional of ours, but also a friend.

Congrats from Oncor Doug!

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Online Marketing – Yes or No

Now this information makes you think….:

70% of the U.S. population regularly use the Internet
Over 1 billion people in the world are online
The average adult spends 3 hours more a day online than watching T.V.
These are all encouraging statistics for small business owners. It means you have a very large target market, and as long as you have a website, you have a better chance of being found online than in a phonebook, flier, or other advertisement.

There are over 400 million active websites &
The average person only gives a website 10 seconds before deciding whether the site is worth their time.
Which means, you’ve got ten seconds (or less) to:

1) attract the viewer
2) declare your message &
3) get them to take action


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Social Media in Golf

Now we have been saying this for a looooooooooooong time now.  So instead of hitting our heads against the wall, we have found someone to say it for us.  Excellent blog post about golf and social media (and its not us saying it!!)

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