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Values? What Values

We have been in meetings (face to face, group, online, etc.) alot over the last couple of weeks, and one thing we have noticed is every owner, head pro and general manager of their golf facility has CORE VALUES they seem to stand on.  The other thing we noticed is that each individuals core values were not the same as their colleauges.  Hmmmmmmmmmm.   Maybe that’s why they are running in twelve different directions!

Try this as an exercise.  Write down your top 5 core values.  It is a great way to get yourself, and just maybe your facility, company on the same page.

Here are mine: (not in any specific order)

1.  If its not FUN stop doing it

2.  Failing is a good thing…as long as you learn from it

3.  Give first, then give again.  You will get a return far greater than what you gave

4.  Negative in any form – people, thoughts cannot occupy your brain space ( 5 sec rule applies here)

5.  If its the right thing to do (legal, moral and ethical) just do it, even if it ruffles some feathers

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