We look for:

  • A Scalable business model led by a capable and passionate owner
  • Companies that need help creating and using digital assets to scale and sell
  • Companies doing $1M to $5M gross revenues that have moved past the startup phase
  • Decision-makers who are motivated to make a change
  • A clear path to upstream investment capital and strategic exit
  • Those willing to invest TIME before dollars to get the strategy right

We provide:

  • Our Capital
  • Access to other Capital
  • Our Advisory Services
  • Access to other Advisory Services
  • Consultant Services
  • Connections to Industry and Market Leaders

Do you need us?

Now, let’s be clear. You may not need us if:

  • You know where to find investors
  • You know how to value your company
  • You know the cost to acquire leads and sales
  • You know Traffic, how to generate it and what to do with it
  • You have a Predictable Selling System
  • You know your USP and those of your competitors
  • You know the top-line dollar contribution for you and each employee
  • You know that scaling can be easier when you buy versus build
  • You have a defined Product Ladder with successful upsells and cross-sells working
  • You know your Avatars: where they live, play, work, and what drives their actions

Hmmm… Yep…let’s chat.