Stories Sell and Facts Tell

I took this line from Clayton Makepeace, but we truly believe in his words.  I was taught something similar a long long time ago – STORIES SELL and FACTS TELL.

“Nothing sells better than a GREAT story your customers can share on your behalf. And your job as the marketer is to find a signature story worthy of telling.

The ability to tell a great story is easily learnable, and is something you should consider a must in today’s business environment.”

Just take note the next time you read, listen or watch any online, TV, radio, magazine, newspaper ad. (or maybe just look at your advertising copy….opps did I just right that).  Are you telling YOUR STORY or spurting off facts.

Thanks for the nuggets (and trip down memory lane) Clayton.

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Golf Associations looking to help?

Ian Hutchinson (from Golf New Now) sent out a blog post this morning, on data program that the CPGA and NGCOA are using for their membership.  I am giving you the link to the post

My quick overview on it, and again it is just my opinion.  I like the idea of assisting your membership by providing resources or tools that can help them address their GOLF BUSINESS issues.  Also, studying trends and analyzing past hurdles can only benefit a golf facility.

Let’s hope that everyone gets on the same page.  Including bringing in outside sources that can help not only the membership, but both associations.

There are technologies and best practices that are occurring in different business sectors that the golf industry are unaware of, but they should be.  Not to mention stuff that has not even been created yet.

By the way, Golf News Now always seems to have great blog posts.  So make sure you check them out.

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