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Advanced Selling


This training course is designed for key team members whose job responsibility is sales directly.  

This training course focuses on in-depth sales strategies processes and numerous sales tactics that involve key business metrics.

Course Objectives:

As this is an advanced training course requiring more time and commitment from participants, it will be more intense in specific actionable knowledge and skills on acquiring and retaining customers.  

We will establish, using role playing, much more in this training along with required homework for participants to undertake in order to meet the course objectives.

At the end of the training, the students will be able to immediately apply the knowledge and skills learned to magnify their sales results.

Course Details:

Sales Strategy

  • 8 Stages of Sales Journey
  • Competitor and Marketing Review
  • Audience Targeting
  • Past Sales Review
  • Traffic Channel Review
  • List Health Analysis

Sales Tactics

  • Advanced Multi-Channel Sales
  • Sales Technology and Tools
  • Optimizing Sales
  • Sales Tracking and Reporting

Much of the training will revolve around role playing to ensure the knowledge and skills presented are understood.  This course builds confidence and allows participants the chance to acquire experience in handling difficult situations and in developing creative problem-solving skills

Who is this for: **A minimum of 5+years of sales experience is recommended**

This course is for you if you’re a:

  • Strategic Account Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Key Sales professional looking to improve performance

Course Investment – $5999

Course Duration – 12 weeks