How to use Content as part of your Marketing Plan

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Even after all these years, a consumer will need 7 + interactions with your brand before they purchase your product.  That is a lot of interactions AND a lot of “what do I say”. Leading with quality content is King! It is one of the simplest ways to help build trust in your brand.

In this course, students will learn to create content that can be used across different forms of media. Exercises will explore various forms of writing, including proposals, press releases, video scripts, speeches, business writing for the web, social media plus sales and marketing copy. Students will be introduced to how content can transform a company’s online presence and what writing styles and techniques are required to make it effective. You will learn a story framework that all content can be based on, as well as what distribution channels are available and appropriate. Expect to evaluate what you “consume” and experience online every day and hone your writing skills to create compelling, shareable content.

The following is an overview of the Content Marketing training modules:


  • Why content is more important in your business in 2019 than ever before
  • What type of content is needed for your prospects?
  • How to deliver that content
  • To teach how to create content that your audience has shown it wants

Module 1 – The What and Why of Content

  • What is content?
  • Do you need good content to compete?
  • Real examples
  • What types exist
  • What is the most consumed by your market right now
  • What questions are your prospects asking
  • What is the right content to create
  • What content to create for what relationship stage you have with the prospect

Module 2 – The Sequence

  • Awareness
  • Goals
  • Real Examples
  • Metrics to track

Module 3 – Evaluation

  • How to evaluate your content
  • Goals
  • Types of content to use at this stage
  • Know your metrics

Module 4 – Conversion

  • What are your conversion goals
  • Leads
  • Key Formulas
  • Retention

Module 5 – Content Distribution

  • What traffic sources to use
  • Goals of those traffic sources
  • Initial customer acquisition
  • Measuring efforts
  • Messaging
  • Traffic Channels
    • SEO
    • Email
    • Social
    • Pay Per Click
    • Referrals
    • Influencers

Course Investment ranges from $1500 – $6200

Course Duration ranges from – 2 weeks to 12 weeks