Learn How to Consistently Acquire Customers

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An ongoing flow of customers is essential to every business.  This is a no brainer. But to consistently go from complete strangers to an intimate ongoing relationship is a skill that requires a systematic process. You cannot just wing it with online relationships!

The following is an overview of the Customer Acquisition training modules:

Module 1 – Do You Fit

  • What is it you have?
  • Does your market really want what you are offering?
  • What is your value?
  • Just because the market wants what you are offering DOES NOT mean they want it from YOU!
  • Get Good at Dating

Module 2 – The Hook

  • How to Develop Great Hooks
  • Finding the Hook
  • Keeping it Simple
  • Using Contests
  • Picking your Distribution Channels

Module 3 – Initial Buy

  • Creating Irresistible Low Ticket Offers
  • Change the Relationship Status
  • Time and Money
  • Little Victories

Module 4 – Core Offer

  • Sell them Something
  • Other Offers
  • Speed and Automation
  • Magic Words

Module 5 – Follow Through

  • Why you need to follow up
  • Types of follow throughs
  • Automate

Course Investment ranges from $1500 – $6200

Course Duration ranges from – 2 weeks to 12 weeks