Everything that online training should be

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We focus on Small to Medium companies (SME’s) where the owner is looking for somebody to make a difference. We like working with those who can make decisions and make things happen.


We bring you and your team up to speed on the latest strategies and tactics for attracting and retaining customers. We teach and do – train and execute. That’s the best way to keep you engaged in training.


Digital Certification will allow you and your team to demonstrate their skills in the workplace and wear our badges proudly.


Traditional classroom settings are limited to a schedule that is set at the discretion of the training provider. Online learning does away with these constraints and allows users to study on their own time and at a schedule that suits them. A blended online and on-property methodology can be even better!

Course Agenda

Module 1
Asset Review
Lesson 1: Research & Review
Lesson 2: Client Due Diligence
Lesson 3: Competitor Due Diligence
Lesson 4: Strategy Analysis
Lesson 5: Enabling Tools – Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Email
Lesson 6: Module Review

Module 2
Traffic Generation
Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: Defining the Target Market
Lesson 3: Finding the CORE Buyer
Lesson 4: Communicating with the Buyer
Lesson 5: Technical Tools Needed
Lesson 6: Module Review

Module 3
Funnel Development – Turning cold leads into hot buyers
Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: Defining the Campaigns
Lesson 3: Conversion Tools
Lesson 4: Execution – Running the Campaigns
Lesson 5: Module Review

Module 4
Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: Sales Process Automation
Lesson 3: Analysing each Campaign
Lesson 4: Adjusting key aspects of each Campaign
Lesson 5: Completing the Work Flow

We have tracked all aspects of the marketing cycle to date, so now we can determine why some customers are converting and some are not. We can split test. We can segment target groups. We can review our traffic sources, our content consumption, our calls to action and test, test, test. We are capturing all the data we need to answer the tough questions. We can really measure the success of the business from all aspects, not just the overall dollars in, but where they came from, who is buying what, when, and even be able to predict the sell-through of that new campaign.

Course Investment ranges from $1500 – $6200

Course Duration ranges from – 2 weeks to 12 weeks