We Teach Predictable Selling


Module 1
In this module we will cover all aspects of the predictable selling framework, paying particular attention to the use of specific worksheets throughout the course. Sample worksheets are included.

Core Concepts
5 Core Elements
The Tools To Use
Before & After Grid
The Value Journey Canvas
The Predictable Sales Canvas
Action Items

Module 2
In this module we will define the Ideal Sales Conversation. What does it look like for YOUR market? Marketing is no more than starting a prospect on this “Ideal Sales Conversation”.
The Ideal Sales Conversation
What is it?
Outlining YOUR Ideal Sales Conversation
Action Items

Module 3
People do not just “wake up” and decide to Buy something. Life is full of triggering Events that cause a reaction and start the sales process. This module outlines how to identify these triggers and how to rank them for use in your business.
The Triggering Event
Types of Triggering Events
How To Rank Your Triggering Events
Action Items

Module 4
This module will review HOW to get the Ideal Sales Conversation started. Specifically, we are looking at various types of Offers and where and how to use them.
Entry-Point Offers
What is an Entry-Point Offer
Examples of Entry-Point Offers
Brainstorming Your Entry-Point Offers
Entry-Point Offer Checklist
Action Items

Module 5
We are now ready to construct the Predictable Selling System.
Offers Explained
Self Liquidating
Velvet Rope
Trial Upgrade
Mini Class
Perpetual Webinar
Action Items

Module 6
It’s Launch time! Let’s run Traffic and start Testing!
Launching & Scaling Your Predictable Selling System
Getting Started
Five Elements to a High Converting Campaign
Running Tests

Course Investment ranges from $1500 – $6200

Course Duration ranges from – 2 weeks to 12 weeks