Jay Baer on “Generosity Marketing” and the Power of Business Podcasting

By Brian Clark

You’d expect a guy who’s started five multi-million dollar businesses from scratch to know a thing about marketing that works. And then, of course, he’d write the book on it.

In this case, the guy is …read more      

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How to Structure a Perfect LinkedIn Profile

By Neil Patel

Can you guess why LinkedIn is my favorite social network? Compared to any other social network, LinkedIn drives me more revenue each year because it is made for business.

It’s so effective that it drives at least $250,000 in yearly revenue for me. But if your profile isn’t optimized, you’ll find yourself gaining little to no traction.

So how do you optimize your profile to maximize your income? Just follow the steps in the infographic below. Read More …read more      

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Why Too Much Emotional Appeal in Your Copy Can Harm Your Credibility

By Yael Grauer

stones balancing on top of each other

Let’s be clear: You need emotional appeal in your writing.

Compelling stories keep readers on your website, and since you must discover their worldviews and …read more      

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Home Screen, User-generated App Recommendation, Apps, And Simple App

When someone picks up their phone to take a peek, I can?t help but take a peek, too. Whether it?s a perfect stranger on the train or the girl I?ve had a crush on for months, I can?t help but look.
With the latest product out of betaworks, you can take that curiosity to a whole new level.
It?s a…

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