The Professional Way to Proofread Your Writing When You Don’t Have Time

By Rainmaker.FM


In this episode of Editor-in-Chief, learn how to perform a power proofreading. It’s like power napping or a power lunch: You extract a substantial benefit from a brief activity.

It takes time to produce your best work. If you don’t have time, do this …

In this 20-minute episode of Editor-in-Chief, host Stefanie Flaxman talks about:

  • An important question she forgot to ask Demian Farnworth during their conversation on Editor-in-Chief
  • Why proofreading is a profession in its own right
  • How you should respond if people devalue your online business
  • What 108 sun salutations can teach you about a regular proofreading practice
  • The best steps to …read more      
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The Great Paragraph Hoax

By Rainmaker.FM


On the Internet, there is no shortage of answers to the question: “What is a paragraph?” You’ll find answers from prestigious universities and on popular forums. Unfortunately, they are all wrong.

The Writing Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill defines a paragraph as “the building blocks of papers.”

Fair enough. What else would you expect from a college? But that won’t do for us. Us, web writers.

The best answer Rough Draft host Demian Farnworth could find on the Yahoo! Answers forum was: “Usually consists of more than one sentence on the same topic.”

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A Setback on the $100k a Month Challenge

By Neil Patel


A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about how anyone can make $100,000 a month in revenue within 12 months. And to show you how it’s possible—and so you can achieve similar results—I decided to blog about my journey.

Launching the blog

On April 1st, I started a nutrition blog called It took me a couple of weeks to get started, but by April 15th, I was up and running.

During the last couple of weeks of the month, I published four blog posts and was able to drive a considerable amount of traffic.

april traffic

I received 35,419 …read more      

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Are You a Talented Professional Writer? Read This …

By Sonia Simone

the difference is strategy, perception, and a higher pay grade

Copyblogger loves writers. We always have.

For more than nine years now, the writer has been the most important person we write for. Week in, week out.

I’ve written about making a living as a professional writer.

And I elaborated a bit on that, unpacking some of what it takes to move from “good writer” to “smart, well-paid content marketer.”

It’s why we created our list of Certified Content Marketers.

And it’s why we’re opening that program shortly to a new batch of writers.

This isn’t the biggest-selling training we offer, by any means. Because it’s made …read more      

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How to Avoid a Google Penalty

By Neil Patel

How to Avoid a Google Penalty

Are you worried about getting an algorithmic or manual penalty? In most cases, you shouldn’t, but if you are dabbling in SEO, you need to make sure you aren’t breaking any rules.

To help you avoid any current or future Google penalties, I’ve created an infographic that shows you what you should and shouldn’t do.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

Click here to view an enlarged version of this infographic.


To summarize, if you want to avoid a penalty, you should avoid a few things:

  • Duplicate or thin content – make sure your content is adding value …read more      
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