LAST DAY: Claim Your Rainmaker Platform Pro Upgrade Option Before It Expires

By Jerod Morris

ends today - unleash the power of Rainmaker Platform Pro for a one-time fee

On Monday, Brian and I hosted a webinar that focused on the fundamentals of smarter online marketing and how the new Rainmaker Platform Pro features help you execute them.

Specifically, we went through a live demo of the Learning Management System and Marketing Automation features, which I used myself to develop The Showrunner Podcasting Course.

We got overwhelmingly positive feedback on the webinar, so we are reposting it here for anyone who missed it.

But first, an important reminder about the Rainmaker Platform Pro upgrade option that expires later today.

Act now … before our best-ever offer to …read more      

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Why Your Mom Was Right About Blogging

By Pamela Wilson

When it comes to blogging, Mom knows best

It’s a good thing your mom taught you everything you need to know to become a well-respected, successful blogger, isn’t it?

What’s that?

Your mom never taught you anything about blogs? Because blogs didn’t exist when you were growing up?

I beg to differ.

I’m going to bet that she really did teach you everything you need to know. She just may have forgotten to say “when blogging.”

Let’s take a look.

Choose your friends wisely (when blogging)

Did your mom ever tell you she didn’t like your friends? Maybe …read more      

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