3 Simple Ways to Bust Stereotypes and Craft a Remarkable Message

By Pamela Wilson


On the snowy, northeastern Christmas of my 11th year, our parents gathered all five kids around the kitchen table to deliver the news.

We were moving to San Antonio, Texas.

I was devastated. Texas? I imagined what our new home would look like.

We’d be miles from any neighbors — who would all look like they walked straight off the “Hee Haw” set — with a dusty, rock-filled front yard punctuated by the occasional tumbleweed rolling by.

If only I had access to online content back in those days, I wouldn’t have been terrified at all by the silly stereotypes I believed …read more      

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10 Landing Page Tactics That Will Turn Casual Visitors into Converting Customers

By Neil Patel


When was the last time you took a long hard look at your landing pages?

On paper, landing page optimization seems easy enough. In fact, you’re probably following some sort of formula to design your landing pages.

Follow a few basic principles, capture the attention of your visitors, put to rest any doubts they may have, urge them to purchase, and let the money pour in.


In reality, it’s not this easy.

My experience with landing pages has taught me that it’s hard work to design the perfect landing page.

There are principles to follow, sure. But there’s also a lot of information …read more      

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Rainmaker Rewind: Launching Your First (or Next) Digital Product

By Caroline Early

Rainmaker FM rewind

This week on Rainmaker Rewind, Sonia Simone explains the value of launching a digital product and the steps you should take to get moving.

Listen to Confessions of a Pink-haired Marketer to discover how digital products can help boost your income and the nitty-gritty of designing your first digital product with your audience in mind.

And, as always, be sure to check out the other great episodes that recently aired on Rainmaker FM.

  1. Confessions of a Pink-haired Marketer. Sonia Simone talks about why you should consider launching a digital product and what it can do …read more      
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Profitable Writers Demonstrate How to Prosper from Your Words

By Pamela Wilson


If you aspire to make a comfortable income from your writing, you’ll find inspiration in the stories of the three people we’re featuring in today’s Certified Stories article.

This group comes direct from our Certified Content Marketer page here on Copyblogger.

You know what I liked best about their answers? That they were pleasantly surprised that writers can indeed make a healthy living doing what they do best.

I love hearing stories like that — they make our efforts here at Copyblogger worthwhile.

By the way, don’t miss the WORD ebook we developed specifically for writers — you’ll get instant access when …read more      

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Top 3 Reasons to Get Your Digital Commerce Summit Tickets Now

By Brian Clark

Top 3 Reasons to Get Your Digital Commerce Summit Tickets Now

Digital Commerce Summit is three months away, and we’re all very excited about this inaugural event. It’s happening in Denver, CO on October 13-14, 2016.

If you’re a digital entrepreneur, or are interested in getting into the business of creating and selling digital products, this is right up your alley.

But you’re going to want to act fast, because the price is going up this month. Let’s quickly run through the most compelling reasons to sign up before that happens.

1. The Speakers

Regardless of other factors, the quality of a business conference is determined by the speakers and what useful insight …read more      

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