These 3 Numbers in Google Analytics Will Help You Make Better Content

By Neil Patel


Google Analytics (GA) is a digital marketer’s best friend. I use it all the time to check metrics, spot trends, and see what type of content my audience appreciates the most.

Of course, there are other tools you could use to analyze your metrics, but they’re not as valuable as GA for two reasons.

First, Google Analytics is free. The price can’t be beat.

Second, Google Analytics is a tool designed by the company that also gave us the most popular search engine in the world. That means it can (and does) provide you with information about the browsing and search history of …read more      

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How to Discover Your Customers’ Favorite Social Media Platforms

By Beth Hayden

where do your customers hang out online?

Every few months, a hot, new social media tool hits the scene — Pinterest, Periscope, Foursquare, Blab — and some marketing experts make it sound like if you’re not using that new platform, you’re missing out.

That notion gives me a massive headache. Like everyone else, I feel pressured to have a presence on every social media platform, but I can’t possibly contribute to every one — at least not without doing a lousy job on all of them.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could simply focus our social media marketing efforts on one or two platforms we …read more      

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How to Discover Whether Your Audience Is Bored with Your Content

By Neil Patel


Let’s be honest. Creating pulse-quickening, super-engaging content that blows the socks off every single reader 100% of the time probably isn’t realistic.

It would be nice, yeah. But it just doesn’t happen.

This is especially true for companies in so-called boring industries—micro-niches with very few people having an overwhelming interest in the subject matter.

But if you’re always boring your audience to tears, this will obviously have a negative effect on your traffic, leads, conversions, brand reputation, and—ultimately—profitability.

Basically, boring content is awful. Boring content is worse than no content at all!

If you think your content marketing campaign is in a death …read more      

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The Writer Runs This Show [SlideShare]

By Brian Clark

we have the technology. we have the business skills. we have the virtual ink by the barrel. the writer runs this show

We have the technology.

We have the business skills.

We have virtual ink by the barrel.

The writer runs this show.

We’re the ones who command the attention.

We’re the ones who create the engagement.

We’re the ones who influence what people think and do.

The writer runs this show.

We won’t toil in obscurity waiting for a green-light.

We won’t submit to “creativity” by committee.

We won’t accept meager pay while others cash in our copyright.

The writer runs this show.

If you won’t read until your eyes blur.

If you won’t write more to write well.

If you won’t invest the blood, …read more      

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How to Easily Add Gamification Techniques to Your Content

By Neil Patel

How to Easily Add Gamification Techniques to Your Content

Humans love games.

You love games. I love games.

Games are fun: they’re engaging and mentally stimulating. Our fondness for games is hardwired into our brains.

Want proof that we love games?

As of 2015, the iTunes App Store had over 396,000 gaming apps, which had almost doubled since July of 2013. People are downloading games. Chances are, you have a game or two on your smartphone right now. Maybe you even played it today. (I know I did.)

On top of this, over three quarters of American households own video games. VentureBeat put the number of American homes …read more      

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