6 Ways to Make Sure You Never Get an Algorithmic Penalty from Google

By Neil Patel

algo penalty google

Search engine penalties are the bogeyman of the Internet marketing world. They’re deadly. Just a few tweaks in the omnipotent algorithm could send your online business hurtling off the tracks. If you’re not careful, a penalty will crush your business.

I’ve seen it happen. I’ve had to guide people through the crap that comes with penalties. Along the way, I’ve discovered how to steer clear of the penalties. This article will explain step by step how you can avoid an algorithmic penalty, stay in Google’s good graces, and keep your revenue sky high.

But before we get started, let’s first go over …read more    

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Why We’re Removing Comments on Copyblogger

By Sonia Simone

Would you ever consider taking comments off Copyblogger?

When the question was posed during our editorial meeting, my immediate reaction was, “Absolutely not.”

I wasn’t even interested in considering it, because I like conversations. I enjoy seeing what people think of different posts. I like the quick view of what people react to (positively or otherwise), and what seems to need …read more    

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Only Three Hours Left: 61 WordPress Themes, One Crazy Low Price …

By Brian Clark

In just three hours, the price of our StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package goes back up.

It’s the last chance to grab the Genesis Framework, all 42 of our StudioPress …read more    

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How to Optimize a Landing Page

By Neil Patel

Do you know how to optimize a landing page for traffic and conversions? I hope The Definitive Guide to Landing Page Optimization helped you. But in case you haven’t had a chance to read it, here is how you can optimize your landing page with 3 simple steps:

  1. Identify the main elements on your landing page.
  2. Edit the landing page so that it is search engine friendly and usable.
  3. Run A/B tests using quantitative and qualitative feedback.

To teach you how to correctly implement the three steps above, I decided to create an infographic that breaks down exactly what you need to do. …read more    

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How to Tell a Seductive Story

By Jerod Morris

Has a singer ever been more seductive than Marvin Gaye?

Especially when crooning his classic, “Let’s Get It On”?

We often think about seduction in this sense: as being sexual, sometimes even manipulative. And sometimes it is.

But that is not the type of seduction featured on today’s episode of The Lede … though Marvin does sing words of wisdom …read more    

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