3 Steps to Scare Your Audience Into Action (And Still Sleep at Night)

By Amy Harrison

If threatened, we move into action.

At one time your ancient ancestor jumped because an animal was about to eat him. Today, that motivation can be …read more    

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The Complete Guide to Understanding Consumer Psychology

By Neil Patel

consumer psychology

Do you want to know what makes your visitors tick? Or, even better, understand what goes on in their minds?

Understanding the psychology of your visitors will help you maximize your revenue because you can show them more of what they want and less of what they don’t.

I know what you are thinking. How do I figure out what’s going on in my visitors’ minds? To help you out, I’ve created a 30,000-word guide on understanding consumer psychology.

Here’s what you are going to learn in The Complete Guide to Understanding Consumer Psychology: Read More …read more    

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How to Make Your Website a Party People Want to Attend

By Jerod Morris

Have you ever walked into a party where you didn’t know anyone?

  • And there was no one to greet you or take your coat …
  • No one to show you where to get a drink or …read more    
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10 Steps a Local Business Can Take Today to Improve Search Rankings

By Eugen Oprea

Would you like to get more customers for your brick-and-mortar business?

That’s a rhetorical question. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, of course you want more customers.

Running a business …read more    

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How to Recover From Negative SEO

By Neil Patel

dark side seo

Did you know that your competitors could hurt your search engines rankings? By doing malicious things in order to decrease your search engine rankings?

This is called negative SEO.

Before we go into how to deal with negative SEO, let’s go over a few ways it can happen to your business.

  • Malicious attacks on your site – this is when someone hacks into your site, modifies your robots.txt file and blocks Google, or injects spammy content and links into your web pages.
  • Building bad links – this is when someone builds bad links to your website. For example, if your competitor paid thousands …read more    
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